At San Antonio Hypnotherapy Center, LLC, it is our mission to bring to the greater San Antonio area wellness without medication by using the healing power of therapeutic hypnosis. Working with clients in a peaceful and secure setting in our office, often with the recommendation of their physicians, we aid clients in reaching their goals. SHC specializes in promoting deep-learning and retraining the subconscious to achieve positive life changes. Individual sessions are conducted in a personalized, client-centered and confidential manner under the leadership of Dr. M.D. Witt, a board certified hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy helps clients to achieve self-improvement in a multitude of ways such as enhanced academic, professional, and sport performance.  Some clients have the goal of removing undesirable behaviors, e.g., eating disorders and smoking cessation.  Still others seek freedom from pain, irrational fears and anxieties, or support for on-going physical and emotional treatment.

In 1958, the American Medical Association recognized hypnotherapy as a potent adjunct to medical treatment.  Above all, hypnotherapy supports holistic and integrative medicine as the individual is aided in achieving healthy life styles, harmony of mind and body, and freedom from medication. More recently and through research, the relationship of stress and tension to the genesis of disease states has been recognized and has lead to a new aspect of hypnotherapy: Psychoimmunology or Psychoneuroimmunology  (PNI): Using the neuromuscular relaxation of hypnosis to enhance the role of the immune system in preventing illness and augmenting allopathic medical treatment. Kindly refer to the application section of this website.


Prospective clients are urged to read the below-listed pdf files. Doing so will save time during the initial client interview: